Hi! I’m José Luis

I believe in human potential. I have experienced growth and transformation through personal development. A father, husband, executive coach, speaker, trainer, entrepreneur, reader, world traveler and mentor with a passion to help entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives achieve and enjoy real results.

Born and raised in Venezuela with limited resources, and also, with great parents, mentors and many dreams.

After several attempts and failures, I learned great life lessons with solid social, selling and leadership skills, building an executive career with a couple of Fortune 500 companies in direct sales, including several roles in four different countries and languages throughout the Americas. What a blessing!

Going through my life journey, I have faced many personal and professional challenges, disappointments, learning and many victories too.

I could not have these victories alone.

Investing in my personal growth by hiring Executive Coaches, being around mentors and teachers has made the difference. It has helped me gained self-awareness, a strengths-based leadership philosophy, new perspectives and a focus on what really matters.

Leadership has changed the way I think, speak and lead.

My faith in God, family values, and indomitable spirit have fueled my passion, life skills and determination to succeed in life.

I believe in spirituality. We are spiritual beings.

I enjoy life and having fun, too. Lots of fun.

Oh, I’m also a living case of wanderlust with an insatiable curiosity to explore new places and meet people like you, around the world.

My Life Manifesto

I love my family.

I believe in human potential.

I am committed to your results.

My principles, proven formulas, and systems are devoted to sharing my life and professional lessons, helping you achieve the results you want.