Decision-Making Process

 The Decision-making Process and Critical Life Skills  

Things that are not taught at school.

“Do. Or do not. There is no try” Master Yoda

Don’t you agree that a strong educational system must include teaching some crucial life skills?

The type of life skills an individual will carry beyond the school years. Skills that are a must in order to navigate the turbulent waters that we all go through life, being able to thrive both personally and business.

I have become a student of this fascinating subject.

Of course, there are many skills that are considered game changers in order to enjoy a more fulfilling life with success and significance.

Those skills that precisely are not taught at school, but are so much needed in crucial times that define our destiny.

Decisions shape our destiny.

Today I will talk about one of those life skills…

Decision- making

The decision-making process is one of the most important in life, this is part of our responsibilities and duties as human beings.

Each decision leads to a consequence.

Good or bad, sooner or later, each decision we make triggers an outcome for us, and for others.

The decision-making process could be the deal breaker between happiness and remorse.

It could mean the big difference between success and frustration.

It is key to develop the ability to think strategically when facing different scenarios in life.

I still remember the days when I had to memorize hundreds of math equations and formulas, but, without teaching me the great practical lifapplicationsns. What a waste.

As long as I was able to remember all formulas and achieved good grades, everything was fine.

Nothing wrong with that. But the fact that I did not learn about some life situations associated with those formulas, left me unequipped to make many right decisions.

Like, for instance, the value of saving money weekly and the compound effect over time.

The good news is that I did learn this later in my adult life.

It is up to us being proactive and making those decisions that will lead to the results we want. It is very tempting to wait for other factors like the government, the stock market and other factors that could benefit our lives.

“Successful people make quick decisions and rarely change their mind. Unsuccessful people make slow decisions and change their mind all the time.”

One way or the other, we are constantly making decisions. Where to live, what cloth to wear, where to eat, work and play. Many times is even unconscious.

In order to make the right decision, we are always considering the alternatives.

Are you in the middle of a critical decision in life now?

When you have to make a decision that you know you need to make now, and you just keep procrastinating it, you have actually made the decision to not do it. At least, not for now.

Some quick tips for your decision-making process:

  1. Once you are faced with a situation where you have to make a decision, consider and meditate on all the alternatives.
  2. Write down each one of them, including the pros and cons.
  3. Highlight and prioritize those alternatives that are interconnected with your goals and will most leverage them.
  4. Seek for wisdom and best practices from experts in that field. Make sure you hear from the right people who have the results you are looking for.
  5. As soon as your head and heart have common ground with an agreement, get into action with your chosen alternative, and be consistent with your decision.


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Jose Luis